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                     Become a skinnies retailer


Are you interested in selling Skinnies in your store, salon, boutique? We want to hear from you! Embark on an exciting opportunity to offer our exclusive product and share in the excitement! Join us in our success!                     

We are always delighted to partner with stores to sell the Skinnies products.  To qualify, you must have a store front location and a Federal Tax ID.  A first order minimum of 24 Units is required and we do not allow the Skinnies to be sold online.  

The Skinnies are the perfect "solutions" product that will help your customers get back into shorts, above the knee dresses, swimsuits and short sleeves. 


We provide your store with a complete set up equipped with display posters for your dressing rooms, videos, beautiful packaging and hanging sticks.  This merchandising tool creates easy placement directly by those items such as shorts and dresses, that will assist in your sell through.  Not only will you sell the Skinnies, but the solutions they offer will help sell the clothes in your store.  The Skinnies also sell well in drugstores, spas or anywhere women shop.

On the back of each Skinnies package is a QR Code that can be scanned with any smart phone for instant access to our "HOW TO APPLY VIDEOS."  Your customer can see how to apply each of the Skinnies while standing in your store, so they won't hesitate to make the purchase. 

We also add your store to our website's Store Locator for customer purchases in your area and "like" you on our Facebook to drive traffic to your location.  

If you are interested, please go to our contacts page and send us a note or call us at 727.408.5506.  We look forward to partnering with you and can have your Retail Store set up in just a few days.  

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