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New! The Best Instant Neck Lift on the market! Skinnies Instant Neck Lift - 15 Pair. Patented Lift & Tuck Design Holds Skin Naturally for a Gorgeous, Tight, Youthful Neck.

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The neck skin is very thin and one of the first places we age. With our exclusive, patented "no pinch" design, our Skinnies lifts and folds the extra skin automatically into its center making the neck appear tight, firm and young again. Our strong adhesive formula will not come off until you take it off, so it will last all day. Our Neck Lift is also 3 inches wide so it will grab the entire side of the neck and pull it back and won't create an indention. The tapered V on the back will attach perfectly under your hairline. ** Your hair must be long enough to brush down the sides of your neck and cover the Neck Lift.

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